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Behind Trinity Capital Investment is an experienced, forward-thinking team with expertise across a wide range of industries. We know what it’s like to found a company, patent an idea, raise venture capital, scale a business, go public, pivot in strategy, and make the hard calls. We have walked in the shoes of our portfolio companies and we know what it takes to build successful businesses. We personally invest our time, experience and resources – in addition to our capital – to help our customers succeed time and time again.

Steve Brown Founder and Managing Partner
Steve Brown
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Alex Erhart Managing Partner
Alex Erhart
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Gerry Harder Operating Partner
Gerry Harder
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Kyle Brown Partner
Kyle Brown
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Hal Hayden Partner
Hal Hayden
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Tim Vatuone CFO
Tim Vatuone
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Ron Kundich Partner
Ron Kundich
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Ryan Little Managing Director
Ryan Little
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Vibhor Garg Director
Vibhor Garg
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Richard Nelson Managing Director, Due Diligence
Richard Nelson
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Jonathan Cheung Director, Due Diligence
Jonathan Cheung
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Jason Hamlin Senior Controller
Jason Hamlin
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Rena Curtis Director, Legal
Rena Curtis
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Crystal Voss Director, Portfolio
Crystal Voss
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Steven Lambe Director, Portfolio
Steven Lambe
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Trin Coleman Associate, Finance & Investor Relations
Trin Coleman
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Mandy Gadsby Associate, Finance
Mandy Gadsby
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Lindsay Watson Associate, Marketing
Lindsay Watson
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