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Expertise spanning venture finance, equity, operations and IP across a wide range of industries

  • We understand and address your specific needs with a creative financing solution
  • We assign a dedicated expert to work with you at each stage of the process
  • We leverage our experience and network relationships to help you succeed
  • We are a lender with a reputation for helping out when things don’t go according to plan
  • Our process is streamlined and efficient – you know exactly what to expect
  • You are a priority – typical 24-hour turnaround on any customer request or email

Our Approach

We are building a team and a culture here at Trinity that aims to be the very best venture debt lender in the United States.  With a strong foundation of expertise in venture equity and debt financing, we’ve added operational experience across a wide range of disciplines as well as organizational systems and processes that not only help us scale and be more competitive, but benefit our customers as well. Below is a brief overview of our systematic approach to help you know what to expect working with us.



Deal Lifecycle “Funnel”

Our customers are typically referred to us by their VC, technology bank, or other financial stakeholder. Below is a summary of the key steps from the initial contact to the management call.

Key Actions:

  • Schedule introduction call with company
  • Request and review information package
  • Evaluate financial statements and complete internal assessment
  • Schedule in-depth management call
Ed Walsh

“Trinity’s quality of connections and strong reputation in the industry were firmly established throughout our relationship. The Trinity team was purposeful and professional at all times and they delivered on all of their commitments. This was by far the smoothest and most efficient financing I have ever closed”

Ed Walsh CEO, Catalogic Software

During the management call, we listen very closely and ask the right questions to make sure we understand the business model and financing objectives. Whether issuing a stand-alone term sheet or co-proposing with another lender, our sales team ensures the total debt solution is not only competitive, but creatively structured to accomplish the unique goals of every company.

Key Actions:

  • Perform initial due diligence
  • Complete internal executive summary
  • Obtain investment committee pre-approval
  • Issue term sheet
  • Agree upon terms and receive signed proposal/application fee
Chris Onan

“Trinity worked together with our senior lender to provide a competitive financing solution for us. Their team was pragmatic, professional and easy to work with. We’re looking forward to having Trinity as a financing partner.”

Chris Onan Co-Founder & CFO, Galvanize

Due Diligence Process


The diligence and legal documentation processes are largely dependent on customer timeliness.

Immediately after receiving a signed term sheet and application fee, we send an initial email that completely outlines the entire due diligence process, which we have streamlined to be as efficient as possible. We perform the appropriate level of diligence for every customer and coordinate with any other lenders in the mix to ensure the process results in the least amount of disruption to the business.

Key Actions
Our due diligence process includes:

  • SBA requirement docs
  • Detailed financial analysis
  • Investor and customer calls (if applicable)
  • Site visit and management meeting (if applicable)
  • Investment underwriting report
  • Final investment committee approval
Barry Fromberg

“Trinity impressed me with their professionalism, persistence, and commitment to achieving our goals. They completed their diligence and legal documentation process in 3 weeks in order to close in time for our impending acquisition. I would unquestionably recommend Trinity as a valued financial partner.”

Barry Fromberg CFO, HNI Healthcare


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“It’s not how you act on your best day, but how you react on your worst day that defines a relationship or partnership.”

Steve Brown Managing Partner Trinity Capital

Upon close of funding, our portfolio management team works with our customers to provide value throughout the relationship. We make our customers a priority and it is our goal to provide our initial response to any request within 24 hours (consents, subordination agreements, etc.). We are building a reputation as a lender that jumps in and helps out if things don’t go according to plan. We have helped companies obtain additional equity and debt financing, fill executive management positions and meet new strategic partners. Everyone says they’re more than money, but not everyone backs it up.

Key Actions:

  • Request monthly and quarterly financial updates
  • Provide follow-on debt (if applicable)
  • Provide equity fundraising assistance (if desired)
  • Provide timely response to customer requests (typically within 24 hours)
Eric Williams

“Trinity has been there for us during key inflection points in our company’s history and has truly provided support and value beyond the capital.”

Eric Williams CFO, Soraa
Phone: (480)374-5350

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